About Dr. Guru

1. What is Dr. Guru?

  • Dr. Guru is a way to reach your wellness providers in no time. Dr. Guru enables you to explore the top healthcare providers nearby and book an appointment more conveniently.
  • Our commitment to you includes being transparent about our business model. This is how most of the vouchers on Dr. Guru work:
  • Our quick alert reminds you of your scheduled appointments. You can choose your wellness provider based on the verified reviews, and also, share your own reviews.
  • Dr. Guru provides a marketplace (Deals Mart) where providers post prepackaged deals that offer big savings for you.
  • We are here to provide you the most delightful Wellness and healthcare experience ever.

2. Where does the name Dr. Guru come from?

The word Guru is derived from the Sanskrit language, which connotes someone who is a Master or a Guide. As a guide, Dr. Guru aims to deliver the best healthcare services to the people by showcasing the elite list of wellness providers.

3. Is Dr. Guru a healthcare provider?

Dr. Guru does not deal with medical services. We are only a medium to get you connected with the right practitioners and to give you the best wellness experience ever.

4. Can I use Dr. Guru to book appointments with any Provider in the US?

We have targeted to cover the length and breadth of the US in the near future. Initially we haven't covered the entire US.
Although, a massive number of providers are connecting with us every day. In the interim, you can get in touch with our partnered practitioners through our website and apps. If you are a healthcare provider, then we would like you to join us.

5. Can any practitioner join Dr. Guru?

Yes, any practitioner from any stream is welcomed to join us. However, we only allow a specialist with a relevant set of qualifications and certifications. Dr. Guru minutely reviews all the information, including practice license and other details given by a healthcare provider. The practitioner must be agreed with our terms and conditions to provide the best healthcare experience to their customers.

6. How much my practitioner will charge for a visiting cost?

Any query related to the health care or wellness cost, you are allowed to get in touch with your wellness provider or an insurance company directly. You can also avail the best deals from our Deals mart posted by provider and purchase coupons for your next visit..

7. Is Dr. Guru available in my area? If not, when will it be?

At present we are serving most of the cities in California. We are constantly spreading our wings and would cover the entire U.S. nearly.

8. Is Dr. Guru free for the users?

Yes, our services, i.e. appointment booking and search for a healthcare providers are absolutely free for the users excluding the treatment charges. However, we suggest you to check with your specialist and insurance company in order to get an accurate information related to your treatment charges.

9. How does Dr. Guru make money?

Our partnered practitioners are required to pay a subscription fee to avail our services. Our services highlight their expertise and increase their search visibility. Dr. Guru has a motive to introduce the most efficient healthcare professionals to their customers.

10. Is Dr. Guru available in other languages?

No, right now we only serve in English language, but soon we will be accessible in other languages too.

11. Is Dr. Guru available in other countries?

No, at present, we have targeted to cover the US only. Gradually we will be expanding globally.

12. I love Dr. Guru - how can I spread the word?

Hurray! We are pleased to know that.
We would love to have you on our social channels, you can join us on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. If you are in journalism, we request you to visit our press page for a word of mouth.

13. Is Dr. Guru hiring?

Yes, we are. Dr. Guru seeks for passionate and dedicated team members. A person who can go at the drop of a hat in order to provide the best services to their users by keeping them in the first priority is always welcomed in our team. Please go through our careers page. And share across your resume with covering letter at info@drguru.com. We would love to hear from you.

My Dr Guru Account

1. How do I sign up my account?

Go to the sign up option and create your account or simply just click here.

2. How I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Go to my account option click the tab in the header appointments and reviews there you will find the sub option cancel appointments, in this way you can cancel and reschedule your appointments.

3. How can I see my past practitioners, and past appointments?

You can see your past practitioners by clicking my account and tab past appointments.

4. Can I trust Dr Guru with my information?

Absolutely! Your privacy is important to us. Our users trust us to keep their personal information safe and secure, just as they do when they keep their information on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Our software is built and run on the most trusted network and service providers. For more information, Please read our full Privacy Policy here.

Making an Appointment Using Dr Guru +

1. How can I make an appointment?

Go to the home page, add the zip code/ city name and select the provider; you will see a detailed list of practitioners, choose the provider and make an appointment by clicking the book appointment button.

2. How can I choose the right practitioner?

While choosing a practitioner, please have a look at their professional statement, education, background, and verified reviews from other patients. Do not forget to share your review after your appointment completion; this will enable us to help other customers to choose the right practitioner!

3. How will I know that appointment has really been booked?

When your appointment is booked, you will be redirected to a page with your confirmed booking information and you will also get a confirmation email and SMS from Dr Guru detailing all the necessary information related to your upcoming appointment.

4. What if my appointment is cancelled by the practitioner?

This may happen only in the case of a last-minute emergency. In these rare cases, we'll inform you shortly about your scheduled appointment and also help you to find a new appointment time. We will do our best to reschedule your appointment.

5. How will I find the practitioner's phone number?

Once your appointment is booked online, you will receive an instant email from Dr Guru which includes your practitioner's phone number, address, and other useful information.

Making a Purchase in Dr Guru DealsMart

1. How can I purchase a deal?

Click the "Buy Now" button before the offer ends and follow the instructions to enter your payment information. If you have a Dr Guru account, sign in before you complete your purchase; or else, a new account will be created for you automatically when you complete your order. You'll receive a confirmation email when your order has processed that will explain where to find your voucher. You can download and print your coupon after signing in to your account, or go paperless and download the mobile app here.

2. Can I avail more than one deal at a time?

Dr Guru doesn't allow availing multiple deals in one transaction. You can buy multiple deals, but each deal must be purchased in a separate transaction. Each deal will also entitle you to a separate coupon to redeem at the offering provider.

3. How can I add items to my cart?

Dr Guru does not have shopping cart for services related purchase

4. If I don't get a confirmation email, how will I know my order status?

Check your "My Account" page to know your order status

5. What is the mode of the payment?

We accept all major US credit or debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

6. Am I able to cancel a purchased deal?

Yes, you can cancel a purchased deal anytime. However, depending on when the deal is cancelled, your refund may vary if you cancel your purchase after 3 days. To cancel a deal, go to My Account, search for the purchased deal, choose Cancel.

7. How can I get a refund?

See our refund policy here. Our refund policy works to give you more flexibility and accessibility when buying a deal. You are guaranteed to receive a cash refund for your voucher.

  • You receive 100% refund amount, if you cancel your purchase within 3 days.
  • You receive either 90% or 80% refund of the amount paid, depending the type of deal, even if you end up without redeeming by the expiration date. See our refund policy for full details.